Grand Designs Melbourne

Australia’s extreme environment calls for well-sealed homes to provide a comfortable living space year round. Our timber double glazed windows and doors keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer while maintaining a connection to the outdoors. We offer Australia’s widest range of high performance windows and doors custom built to
meet your specific design requirements. We strive to create comfortable and
sustainable homes.

Where upon first look you fall in love with timber windows and doors; aluminium windows and doors has also its charms. Both are equally considered as grand designs in Melbourne.

Grand Design Windows is a master in designing beautiful and classic doors and windows. We also offer various benefits that surpass all the other companies who manufacture the same products. We have a combination of styles and designs of various doors and windows that allows you to match them according to your needs and tastes.

We have the ability to bring creativity and inspiration in a house by transforming its rooms into stylish living areas with designable windows that will blend well together with the décor, and elegant looking doors that will change your exterior as well as interior.

The Grand Design Windows offer the following products:



Our products are extraordinary in efficiency and when they are combined with glazing options, they become energy efficient and you can save a lot of money on your bills. In addition, they are easy to maintain and are durable. At Grand Design Windows, we guarantee you that you will be dealing with Melbourne’s top most company that focuses on fulfilling your needs. With safety as our first priority, our products are sturdy and durable, as well as stylish.

Upon your first visit to our showroom, our professional team of staff will guide, advice and help you in choosing the best option for your house. All windows and doors are available in an extensive range of fittings, glazing options and finishes. We are renowned Window Manufacturers in Melbourne & its suburbs like Carlton, Collingwood, Fitzroy & Richmond. All our products are considered as the grand designs in Melbourne.

We are committed in providing prompt and efficient service to our clients, so that in the future they will look towards us for further windows and doors installation projects. We also make custom windows and doors designs according to our customer’s specifications, these products are tailored to suit their needs.

Looking for window manufacturers in Richmond, Fitzroy, Collingwood or Carlton? Than call us on 03 5368 1212

Being extremely practical and visually attractive, all our products are made from the highest quality materials and latest engineering techniques. We care for our customers and their safety, which is why all our products are made with detail, and follow the “Australian Standard and Building Code”.

Contact us now at 0421 593 998 / 0427 837 081 and book a meeting if you are looking for Window Manufacturers in Richmond, Fitzroy, Collingwood, Carlton and Melbourne. We also give free quotes on your projects. Talk to our friendly customer service and know all about or latest products or visit our showroom to view them yourself.

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