Sliding Doors Melbourne

Lift & Slide: The largest sliding glazed door system available.

  • Up to 400kg opening sash weight
  • Up to 18m x 3.3m frame with ½ width opening sash
  • European hardware & anti-theft fixings
  • Concealed ergonomic mechanism
  • Maintenance-free track
  • Night lock mode for ventilation
  • Durable twin air seals for zero air transfer
  • 30mm Insulated Glazing Unit (IGU)
  • Double or triple glazed
  • Retractable insect-screen options
  • Modern & period style sash & glazing bead moulding
  • External Aluminium cladding in a wide range of colours

Elegant sliding doors in Melbourne have become a representation of modern architectural design. These sliding doors provide an assortment of benefits, which will make an excellent addition to your home. One of their chief benefits is that they save energy. The double glaze of the sliding door has a tight seal, which helps to trap energy. This way you can keep your house cool in summer and warm in winter.

Sliding Doors Sydney

Install sliding doors in your Sydney house at such a place where you can sit back and enjoy the outside breeze. By opening these sliding doors, you can dramatically increase ventilation in your house. They will not block your view of the backyard or the garden, and the vast amount of sunlight coming in to your home will limit your electricity usage. Sliding doors do not have any large open arcs or hinges; this saves space and maximizes your room area. Grand design windows sliding doors in Sydney are durable, secure and easy to use. Aluminium sliding doors not only look elegant, but also safeguard your home. Their sturdiness and low upkeep can offer any home with functionality for a long time

In the past, sliding doors in Melbourne were thought to be dangerous for children. Due to modern designs and techniques, the sliding doors have been updated to a level where they are no longer considered as a threat. At Grand Design Windows, our sliding doors are double-glazed with a shatterproof safety glass that will protect your family. These doors also come with a special security lock that prevents thieves from entering in the house.

Aluminium Sliding Doors

Aluminium sliding doors in Melbourne made by Grand Design Windows are practical, secure, and are easy to use. These sliding doors look smart as well as protect your home from any harm or intrusion. Their low maintenance and durability will provide your home with functionality for years ahead.

Superior Door Design

The sliding doors are made with special hardware, where the door is attached on a track that allows a smooth and flawless rolling action, strength and reliability that eases its operation. The non-corrosive system of the sliding door ensures smooth rolling movement every time.

We provide a versatile and flexible sliding door solution. With multiple configurations, our sliding doors can suite any residential area. Its sturdy frame accommodates security door options and integrated fly door.

With an experience of 30 years in the construction industry, Grand Design Windows guarantees you top quality products at a reasonable price. All of our sliding doors in Melbourne are made with the best hardware and their quality surpasses all other doors. We offer various options in glazing, which include double-glazing and low e-glazing. This increases your comfort in the house and minimizes energy bills.

Built to Last

All our sliding doors in Melbourne are manufactured in our Grand Design Windows factory, where we use high quality machinery and latest engineering procedures. We deliver customer satisfaction by installing sliding doors in Melbourne that are of high quality, are reliable as well as durable. Call us today at 0421 593 998 and arrange a free quote or talk to our experienced, friendly staff about the various doors that are available at Grand Design Windows.